The Mountain Lake Area Foundation (MLAF) is organized as a component fund of the Southwest Initiative Foundation (SWIF).

The SWIF Community Foundation Program allows donors to make gifts to SWIF and designate them for use in Mountain Lake. SWIF provides the administrative and 501(c)(3) infrastructure. It also provides ongoing technical and professional support in areas such as strategic planning, fundraising, marketing, public relations, and grantmaking.

Who’s on the Board of Directors?

  • Wade Nelson – chairperson
  • Tim Swoboda – treasurer
  • Misty Karschnik – secretary
  • Vern Peterson
  • Kris Langland
  •  Brian Harder
  • Joyce Bucklin
  •  Sharron Hanson

MLAF Family of Funds

  • MLAF Endowment Fund: A permanent resource with income used to fund charitable activities.
  • MLAF Project Fund: A non-endowed fund used to raise money for capital projects within the community.
  • MLAF Education Fund: a non-endowed fund that benefits the public and private school systems in the area.
  • MLAF Healthcare Fund: A fund established to support healthcare in the community.
  • Brad Behrends Memorial Fund: A non-endowed fund to support the community through scholarships and other grant distributions.
  • Harder Family Fund: Advised by family members to benefit the community.
  • Mountain Lake Early Childhood Fund